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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

War Crimes Trial?

Americans will have the opportunity to prosecute the perpetrators of the Iraqi war and abrogation of the Constitution starting in 2009. Some of the charges are international, specifically the instigation of war against a non-aggressor that in 1946 got so many Germans locked up or hung. We can handle the trampling of the Constitution on our own. The real question is: Do we want to start having each succeeding administration administration having show trials aimed at the prior, or were the crimes of Rumsfeld/Bush/Cheney so egregious and well documented as to make prosecutors sure of conviction. Such a prosecution would be stepping into a dark woods without a map. Sure conservatives held show trials in the 50s and did a naked politically inspired impeachment against Bill Clinton, but it was wrong. If I had my way the perps would spend the next ten years in The International Courts at The Hague defending their sorry asses. We would have to open our records to the court, but that could be done. It would be a good excuse to sign on to a couple of international war crimes and extradition treaties.

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