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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Watch Fox News So You Don't Have To.

The semi-official news outlet of the Republican Party covered the Democratic National Convention much like a sniper covers the movement of enemy troops. I mean, who hasn't been waiting all week to hear Carl Rove's take on Obama's acceptance speech? Murdoch's ghouls stopped eating live Mexican babies on air long enough to wipe the blood from their jowls and grumble about the uppityness of this colored boy Obama. What happened to the good old days when they were all named "George"? I don't know the names of the thugs Rupert hires to do his evil bidding, but the blond woman was picking around the edges, trying to find a seam with little success. The white haired guy just said 'Liberal' over and over again, and the rest of them just said something like "same old Democrat stuff" over and over again.

There. I need a shower. It's sort of like all those Junior High book reports done on such uninspired tomes as "Mill on the Floss". My few readers owe me big time.

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