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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Olympics Drove Me Nuts

How can an organization as corrupt as the International Olympic Committee oversee an almost pure expression of human athleticism? Sure there are pros in the Olympics now, but they play for their country and sport, and not financial gain. A few athletes will still take performance enhancing drugs, but nothing like the bad old days of the Soviet bloc criminality. China seems to be the only nation making a serious thing out of the medal count. China has a serious inferiority complex thing going on. That will wear off as the Chinese realize their awesome status among civilized nations. I mean, what didn't they invent fer christ's sake?

The take on how Salt Lake City got the winter Olympics is the latest tale of just how a city gets picked. Being an IOC member means you will not pay for lunch or dinner or travel or education for your children for the duration of your influence on the committee. IOC names its own committee members, but will chose corrupt cronies of third world dictators to keep the whole corrupt nepocracy growing and untouchable.

All that said, where else are you going to see a Korean archery team in a shoot out with Japan? Bad blood there and nobody's getting rich. I actually enjoyed a bit of a soccer game. It's still not real football, but they were having fun and getting sweaty. Very sweaty. How did this sport ever become popular in warm climates?

I would not be doing my job unless I commented on China's hosting. I am generally not a fan of Chinese art or design. Everything is far too busy, and covered with gold leaf, jade dragon carvings, tassels, fringe and continental kits. A hundred miles to the East there is Japan, a country that values the understated and spare. The Birds' Nest Stadium didn't look like the work of a Chinese architect, and it really wasn't. As a major player in the international market they should be expected to outsource their design work. I hope the Brits tone the pageantry down a bit. If every country landing the Summer Games feels like they have to outdo the last then we build a monster that will destroy the Olympics. Today there are no African, Central or South American countries who could afford the modern Olympic spectacle. It's all getting down right Roman.

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