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Monday, September 1, 2008

Alaska. Louisiana Of The North, Part II

Killer storm Hurricane Gustov turned out to be something less than a Katrina, but you can never be too careful. Now Hurricane Palin is about to blow the State Of Alaska and Republican Party all to bits. Alaska has, as long as I can remember, been the frontier that the folk that don't fit into the greater society flee to. Most of the refugees are nothing much more than colorful, but an a substantial minority are certifiable, and live in a world I don't recognize. A world of Jewish conspiracies and internationalists determined to rule over the common man, as they are self identified. The awful truth is that Alaska is a sort of subsidized fantasy land for the disaffected. The cost of maintenance of the Alaska lifestyle far outstrips anything their oil, timber mineral and seafood production will ever generate.

Today's news brings word that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a member and believer in the Alaska Independence Party. The AIP is dedicated to making Alaska its own nation. According to the AIP the United States of America isn't their home, and the majority of Alaskans demand secession from our country. This is an odd position for a candidate for Vice President to hold. This is a wingnut position unseen outside the neo-confederate movement. Arguably this is actual, statutory treason.

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