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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Movement conservatives within the Republican party have decided decades ago that tales of Democrats "voting the graveyard" in the depression and early post WWII years made it so anything goes in politics. The voting machine jiggery-pokery evident in Ohio in 2004  and the fraud that was Florida in 2000 were just two examples of self justified fraud. In Washington State we had a very close governor's election four years ago, with the Democrat winning by fewer than 140 votes out of two and a half million cast. Convinced that they were robbed, the Rs are out for blood, and I suspect payback will be attempted in several of the rock ribbed Republican counties in Eastern Washington. Having a relatively uncorrupted judicial system, it probably won't work.

Now from Virginia comes a new twist on an old trick designed to keep college students from voting in the counties where they reside. A lot of Universities are located in areas where they are the vast majority. Those counties want the money and prestige that a university brings, but not the ability of the students to effect the outcome of local elections. Now Montgomery County is notifying newly registered voters that they will lose their student aid and have to apply for new drivers licenses if they chose to vote in the county where thy go to school. Nice. Like the scam that jammed the Democrats' voter notification line in November 2004, someone will eventually go to jail, just not soon enough to make the election fair and open.

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