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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lust And Abuse. Confessions Of A Mac User

Us Apple fans have to endure the sneers and jeers of Wintel minions every day. We don't have access to new $500 laptops, or sixty different word processors, but we love our machines. It's sort of like those four hundred dollar Italian pumps with six inch spike heels. They hurt like hell, but they are sooo cool it's worth it. Like a customer of a high class dominatrix we are blinded by the leather and skin and chains and attitude. Apple users don't need a password, we need a safe word. Oh Steve! Slap Me again!. Sure those two iBooks I bought crapped out after a year and a half. Sure my PowerBook's battery died again and again. I can hardly wait 'till my MacBook dies an untimely death of mysterious logic board or graphics card failure. Whip Me! Whip Me! I just can't get enough abuse.

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