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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Scariest Organization You've Never Heard Of

Council for National Policy. Sounds benign, but just check out their membership at . These are the folks that picked  Sarah Pailin for McSame's running mate.  The ultra right has been crying for years that an evil cabal of political insiders ran the country, but it was them all along. 

Palin's vetting was based on her leadership in an extreme Pentecostal evangelist sect in Alaska, not her experience as leader of the Alaska National Guard. 

The Council for National Policy is the most evil gang of dominionist goons existing in 21st century America. More evil than Al Qaeda. More dangerous than the Klan. More Anti-American than the American Nazi Party. These people would gladly put people like me in concentration camps, and just may have the power to do it come January 20th 2009.

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