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Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12Th, 2001

America was so united that day. So determined to bring the criminals that planned and supported the horror to justice. We demanded that countries that harbored and financed the criminals be brought to heel. Over 90% of Americans supported President George W Bush as the leader to take us to war against the bloodthirsty pirates of al Qaeda. We were ready for a draft. We were ready for higher taxes to pay for defense of the homeland. We were ready to sacrifice to bring down the Taliban government in Afghanistan. We would pull down the house of Saud to root out the source of finance that built the madrassas that recruited and indoctrinated the religious fanatics that hijacked the planes. We were of one mind, unified as no other time in my life. We were openly supported by all nations, even traditional adversaries like Cuba and Iran.

So what happened? Bush and Cheney pissed it all away. Taxes to pay for the actions that had to be taken were off the table. Cutting taxes holds the position of religious faith among Republicans. Unknown to the average American the focus quickly moved from Afghanistan to Iraq, based on ...... What? Neo-con fantasy of The Project For The New American Century? Get Saddam? 

Now, seven years later we are raking through the ashes looking for that was America. What has happened is beyond incompetence. Nothing our enemies could have done would even approach the damage that has been done. 

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