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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Failure That Is The American Right

For a while now I have thought the conservative movement deserved congratulations for dropping its reliance on raw anti Black racism to win elections. This realignment is quite a step away from the Nixonian "Southern Strategy" of not too subtile codes for the threats from African American citizens. This year is a real test of conservative morals what with a real possibility that the right will be swept from power in a gigantic electoral uprising lead by a black liberal. Not a Clinton "liberal", who was in actuality a moderate Republican, but a genuine FDR style liberal. A liberal that will curb the privileges of the rulers and move the burden of taxes more to the shoulders of the Ɯberclass. 

I've only seen a few outliers of anti Black crapola coming from the Rs this year. There was the guy that claimed the banking crisis was caused by giving loans to Blacks, but that's about it. Hispanics are another matter. The whole border security issue is more based on old ladies worried about someone in line at the grocery talking in a language they don't understand than a threat to national security. I read today in The National Review that Washington Mutual failed because they loaned money to and promoted Mexicans. Curious.

By the time my kids reach middle age the country will have a majority of what is now thought of as minority voters. Under the Democratic party the country will have a chance of working the knots out that such a sea change makes in politics. The Republican Party is about to have an episode of monumental shrinkage. I've been predicting the shattering of the GOP into the super-right, overclass, and snake handling factions. Good riddance.

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Mona Albano said...

Here's hoping it will fall apart. But there's a lot of money behind the party and the money-holders want to stay in power or in influence. a

Ugly playing of the race card is not all that far in the past. Lee "Father of Lies" Atwater perfected the techniques used by Karl Rove when he used the fact that John & Cindy McCain had adopted an orphan from Bangladesh to circulate a rumour in South Carolina that John had fathered a "black" child, thus securing Bush Jr. the Repuglican nomination. Presumably Rove knew both that the child was adopted and that Bangladeshis are Caucasian. y used the ask a leading question that's totally untrue - "Just sayin'" defence. McCain was understandably bitter.