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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sending 'Em A Message

If I never hear "Lets send 'em a message in (chose one) #1. The State Capitol or #2 Washington" I can die happy. When you elect Democrats to the State Legislature, then cripple their taxing authority and mandate expensive policies through the: initiative process don't complain that the government is broken. If you elect cranks to congress and a doofus as president, don't complain that government doesn't work.

There is no "sending messages" in politics. You win, lose, build coalitions and develop enemies. Messages mean nothing. Put your people in office and implement your programs. Then wait for the consequences, good or bad. Sending messages is for losers who can present one issue that appeals to avarice or prejudice to politically unsophisticated or lazy people. Sending messages is meaningless. Electing people who hold your values and theory of government is the only way to effect your government.

The government is not "Them", "The Politicians" or even "The damn Bureaucrats". Here the government is us, or the ones of us who take the time to participate. If you take no part in the political process and then complain about the government you are like the guy who resents the fact that he has to buy a lottery ticket to have any chance of winning.

I have been hanging around with Republicans too much lately, making me cranky and ill tempered. It is a major election year, and I expect to hear a lot of this nonsense in the next eight months. Sigh.

Monday, January 14, 2008

EeeXelent! (Rubs Hands Together and Cackles)

It is well known that the Dallas Cowboys, in homage to their overlord Satan, torture puppies and kittens to death during their half time locker room regrouping. Apparently they ran out of the cute fuzzy bunnies they use during the playoffs and had to immolate crippled children with pages torn from the Bible. As Satan is wont to do, he let them down, and not in a nice way. Beelzebub let them get close. He got them inside the twenty with thirty two seconds on the clock, and only down by four. The 'Boys could smell the cool green grass of the end zone, so near. So very near.It was prom night, and the bra strap was unhooked. The Giants were flat and out of steam. A few beat up yankees stood between them and destiny. And then........... POOF. It was all gone.

The entire city of Dallas settled a foot against sea level. Teeth were gnashed. Clothing was torn. Oil men who regularly stole mineral rights from elderly widow women without so much as a twitch wept like sorority girls without a date. Blowhard Cowboy fans figured out ways to dodge their bookies for a week or two.

As a sixty two year old adult, all I can say is Nay Nay Nay Nah! Choke on it and die Dallas!