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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hating Hillary

I've done a bit of low grade research on what brings forth the flood of visceral bile that Senator Clinton elicits from Republican white men. I employed the unusual technique of asking some of my Republican friends (You know who you are). A small sample, to be sure, but five is all I can handle without taking notes and getting all, you know, research-ie. There were points that were hit by four out of the five, firstly being Whitewater, then something called "Travel-gate" and a general charge of "Lying Bitch" (nothing specified).  I got the definite impression that my friends have dumped all their resentment against ex-wives, feminists, women who turned them down over the years and Eleanor Roosevelt on top of Hillary. Man, what a burden. The level of fire I heard could not be explained by mere cold logic. It was the rage that a powerless victim expresses against their overlord. It was the anger that I've seen directed toward interlopers. 
One guy had some story about all the people she had murdered to cover up her evil ways. One also said Chealsea is ugly, but I don't know what that had to do with anything. What is it about this woman that drives otherwise rational men totally nuts. Unlike years past, we have an entire broadcast system that ran an Orwellian hate rally for the eight years of the Clinton Administration. Here in liberal Puget Sound we have three ultra right wing Republican radio stations going 24 hours and Fox covering TV. With all that propaganda, selling her as the Devil incarnate it's a wonder that only forty percent of the voters dislike her.

I can't help but wonder if she is the recipient of the same sort of cultural backlash against women currently suffered in the Islamic world. We like to think we are centuries away from that sort of chattel attitude toward the distaff sex, but there are women walking around here in the USA who were born before women were allowed to vote or hold office. I've known elderly women who, in their youth, were not allowed to inherit property by law or even serve on juries. Women running amok, doing stuff that some don't like is a threat to the culture as perceived by some men. 

When confronted with unreason, I seize up. There is no discussing with men with this attitude. It's like talking religion with a true believer. Personally, I'd be happy with either Hill or Barack, but she sure lights the fires.

Hillary Endorsed By Dead Person!

CNN's Wolfe Blitzer just had a news item about the former Democratic Governor of Texas, and my former Cub Scout Den Mother, Ann Richards posthumous endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Ann's daughter authorized the endorsement, to the alarm of her two sons. There are lots of other dead people out there to endorse candidates, so get crackin' Team Hillary!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Obituary: Ralph Nader

Pathetic can be an overused term, but Nader has brought it back well shined and dripping in the dismissive venom it imparts. Ralph, like a humorless Don Quixote, has donned his battle gear and gone forth to do battle with the two party system, not realizing that the Republicans and Democrats are an organic structure that grew out of our Constitution's governmental structure. The place that policies are hammered out is in the crucible of the nomination process, not, as Ralph wants, in the general election. As good as single payer health care may be, that was sorted out when Kusinich and Edwards dropped out. All of Nader's issues are being discussed, and will rise and fall with their merit. Ralph Nader is the Ron Paul of the left, except this isn't Paul's fifth run for president.

The Who sang "Hope I die before I get old". Perhaps that line was a bit over the top, but that's rock n' roll. Nobody mails you a notice that time has passed you by, and you should be making the best of things as they are. Nader has become a joke, and his stink rubs off on the issues that he promotes. Unfortunately many of those issues are worthy. The only reason I can think of for Nader's announcement of another pointless campaign is that he needs something to keep busy and a few true believers to stroke his ego. Ralph has the trifecta of tragedy going for him. Pathetic, sad and counter productive.

This is the last time I'm going to waste any time or energy thinking about Ralph. Adios