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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bert's Blog Endorses VP Candidate

I have chosen to exercise my awesome power and endorse Bob Kerry for Vice President. Kerry is a medal of honor winner, left half a leg in Viet Nam, is progressive and outspoken. Kerry could take McCain to the woodshed every day and twice on Sunday and slap him silly. Obama's VP pick must be loyal and fierce. Bob Kerry proved himself on the 911 commission.

Now then, that's settled.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Georgia On My Mind. Sunday Afternoon Ravings.

George W. (Hat 100%, Cattle 0%) Bush sort of reminds me of the guy that thinks he has been treated disrespectfully and threatens to "have the job" of the offending party. Russia, ruled by "Pootie-Poo" (that's really what President Chimpy calls V. Putin), has moved into tribal areas of Georgia, and upset the neo-con's dream of the new iron curtain that would box in the land of the Tsars. Now the wounded American Enterprise Institute is excited at the thought of a Cold War 2.0. Cold War...... Mmmmm..... Unlimited militarism. Enhanced police state powers. Patriotism as a blunt instrument. Everything a conservative worships.

Obama and McCain have taken their Haaj to the temple of Mega-Church to have their souls examined in preparation for the election. Nobody can understand how much this fawning before the self appointed earthly representative of the invisible dictator in the sky pisses me off. Of all the venues Obama is going to have to catch in his limited time before the vote, I think the kissing ass of snake handlers should be way down the list. I have come to terms with the fact that our next president, and the one after that are going to be religious, they just don't have to take it seriously. Down that road lies horror and insanity.