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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good News Everyone!

It's too late for sixteenth century explorers, but the Northwest Passage is open and free of ice. And we thought global warming was a bad thing. Now, about all those pesky hurricanes... What the hell? They are just are clobbering the Old Slave South for the most part, and those red states don't believe in it any way.

Friday, September 5, 2008


What can I say? The guy spent five years as a Prisoner of War in Viet Nam. I will mention that he wasn't kidnaped, but was shot down while bombing the crap out of a country of farmers that had never threatened my country in any way at any time. Torturing him was an anathema, but we have no way to bring the criminals who tortured him to justice, but we do have the ability to prosecute the criminals who torture people, and order people tortured in our country.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lust And Abuse. Confessions Of A Mac User

Us Apple fans have to endure the sneers and jeers of Wintel minions every day. We don't have access to new $500 laptops, or sixty different word processors, but we love our machines. It's sort of like those four hundred dollar Italian pumps with six inch spike heels. They hurt like hell, but they are sooo cool it's worth it. Like a customer of a high class dominatrix we are blinded by the leather and skin and chains and attitude. Apple users don't need a password, we need a safe word. Oh Steve! Slap Me again!. Sure those two iBooks I bought crapped out after a year and a half. Sure my PowerBook's battery died again and again. I can hardly wait 'till my MacBook dies an untimely death of mysterious logic board or graphics card failure. Whip Me! Whip Me! I just can't get enough abuse.


Movement conservatives within the Republican party have decided decades ago that tales of Democrats "voting the graveyard" in the depression and early post WWII years made it so anything goes in politics. The voting machine jiggery-pokery evident in Ohio in 2004  and the fraud that was Florida in 2000 were just two examples of self justified fraud. In Washington State we had a very close governor's election four years ago, with the Democrat winning by fewer than 140 votes out of two and a half million cast. Convinced that they were robbed, the Rs are out for blood, and I suspect payback will be attempted in several of the rock ribbed Republican counties in Eastern Washington. Having a relatively uncorrupted judicial system, it probably won't work.

Now from Virginia comes a new twist on an old trick designed to keep college students from voting in the counties where they reside. A lot of Universities are located in areas where they are the vast majority. Those counties want the money and prestige that a university brings, but not the ability of the students to effect the outcome of local elections. Now Montgomery County is notifying newly registered voters that they will lose their student aid and have to apply for new drivers licenses if they chose to vote in the county where thy go to school. Nice. Like the scam that jammed the Democrats' voter notification line in November 2004, someone will eventually go to jail, just not soon enough to make the election fair and open.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Scariest Organization You've Never Heard Of

Council for National Policy. Sounds benign, but just check out their membership at . These are the folks that picked  Sarah Pailin for McSame's running mate.  The ultra right has been crying for years that an evil cabal of political insiders ran the country, but it was them all along. 

Palin's vetting was based on her leadership in an extreme Pentecostal evangelist sect in Alaska, not her experience as leader of the Alaska National Guard. 

The Council for National Policy is the most evil gang of dominionist goons existing in 21st century America. More evil than Al Qaeda. More dangerous than the Klan. More Anti-American than the American Nazi Party. These people would gladly put people like me in concentration camps, and just may have the power to do it come January 20th 2009.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alaska. Louisiana Of The North, Part II

Killer storm Hurricane Gustov turned out to be something less than a Katrina, but you can never be too careful. Now Hurricane Palin is about to blow the State Of Alaska and Republican Party all to bits. Alaska has, as long as I can remember, been the frontier that the folk that don't fit into the greater society flee to. Most of the refugees are nothing much more than colorful, but an a substantial minority are certifiable, and live in a world I don't recognize. A world of Jewish conspiracies and internationalists determined to rule over the common man, as they are self identified. The awful truth is that Alaska is a sort of subsidized fantasy land for the disaffected. The cost of maintenance of the Alaska lifestyle far outstrips anything their oil, timber mineral and seafood production will ever generate.

Today's news brings word that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a member and believer in the Alaska Independence Party. The AIP is dedicated to making Alaska its own nation. According to the AIP the United States of America isn't their home, and the majority of Alaskans demand secession from our country. This is an odd position for a candidate for Vice President to hold. This is a wingnut position unseen outside the neo-confederate movement. Arguably this is actual, statutory treason.