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Friday, September 19, 2008

Economics? What Economics?

I checked the Webber-tubes this morning and apparently there is something wrong with the economy. I understand that there are banks holding bags-full of questionable IOUs and would like us to buy them for something north of a trillion dollars. We are going to do it. All I'm going to say is that we need to get something for our money. I'm thinking ownership of the offending banks would be a starting point. I'm talking about confiscation of all the stock and assets of the distressed lending institution or holding company. An added bonus would be that the executives of these federally held companies would be GS rated government employees pulling down a livable salary, but not multi billion dollar ├╝berbucks the former CEOs expected. While we are talking about separating the overclass from their ill-gotten gains perhaps disallowing deduction for salaries and bonuses in excess of a million dollars in the tax returns of corporations. There are many business overlords who made out like bandits in the last twenty years. A surcharge on past looting would be one way to bring justice to the bail out.

That takes care of the local problem, but international banking boys may not be so generous. The World Bank has a history of grabbing third world countries by the lapels and slapping some economic sense into the offender. We well may be about to get a dose of our own medicine. Higher taxes, lower spending and seriously decreased imports of consumer goods is the prescription usually given little countries.

New Deal anyone?

I beat Paul Krugman to these ideas, point by point, by better than five days. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Voting Blocs

John McCain continues to peel off strategically important voting blocs from the Democrats. The Baroness vote has gone to McCain when the Contessa Du Rothschild jumped to the Republicans and endorsed McCain.
Also the confused old man vote was grabbed when the Senator from Arizona continuously confused Spain (Nato Ally) with Mexico (Lawn Mowing) during an interview for Madrid television. A McCain administration apparently will not meet with the president of Spain until the European nation renounces terrorism.

Only Two More Shopping Days

Pay No Attention To The Old Wrinkly Man Behind The Curtain

The political stunt that was the Governor of Alaska's candidacy for VP has about run its course, and not a minute too soon for my tastes. I'm not thinking for a minute that we've seen the last of the shiny things waved in the field of vision of the press. Last week it was something to do with cosmetics and livestock. This week, buried under the avalanche of the grimmest economic news in my lifetime, The McCain campaign tried to trick Hillary Clinton into appearing on the same stage as Palin. FAIL! Now the GOP is repackaging itself as the party of change. George W. Who? 

Since 1932 the Democratic Party and Progressive Liberals have slowly invented the American middle class, built the infrastructure and defended America. Since 1994 the conservatives and Republicans have waged war on the middle class, poor and creative. 

We will look at the political bathtub in six months and see the Republican high water mark. We are looking for a better, safer world without the tribal resentments and inequities that plague modern societies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Bit Closer, And All Our Days Would Have Been Ruined.

Last week a gamma ray burster star went off, aimed at the earth. Luckily it is several hundred million light years away or we would have been cooked as most life was during the great cambrian extinction. We have a GRB cooking here in the milky way that is only 40 thousand light years away, but it isn't aimed at us.. At least our best astronomers don't think it is.