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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Defense Of The Shoe.

Two days ago an Iraqi journalist threw a pair of shoes at the visiting President (35 days and counting) Bush and apparently nobody can see the justice in the act. The whole loafer-gate incident seems somehow apt and an excellent expression from a frustrated and much abused people. Bush's wide eyed explanation of the incident as being the result of all the "freedom" we have brought to that ancient land was a perfect example of the man's inability to grasp the nuances of the situation. If the journalist had just yelled at Bush, the story may have just been a ten second sound bite, and then disappeared. If the journalist had done something more injurious it may well have ginned up some sort of sympathy for Chimpy W. But no. W was insulted and given the ultimate Arab symbol of disrespect, expressing the rage that so many of us feel toward Bush 43. If it were up to me the white house lawn would be covered with shoes by this weekend.