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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rock Stars Need Your Money Now

Not that kind of Rock Star, but the Eocene shales found at The Stonerose Interpretive Center in Republic Washington. Loaded with the oldest known forms of the rose plant and the Fir tree this site represents the birth of the modern ecosystem we see around us. The Rose family evolved to produce the apple and pear families of familiar modern fruit trees.

The center is run by volunteers and one paid paleobotanical manager. Unique among fossil sites Stonerose encourages people to find fossils and allows the finders to keep duplicates of the center's collection. Stonerose works closely with the Burke Museum at the University Of Washington.

As is with all such operations money is always tight. Believe me when I tell you that not one dime is misdirected or misspent in keeping the doors open. It is a true labor of love, but love is not all they need. They need donations, and now isn't too late to start raising the balance of '09's operating budget.

Click on this Stonerose link and please be generous.

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