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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earthquake. Man Made? If The PRC Has Their Way, We'll Never Know

The 7.6 magnitude Sichuan earthquake of last year in Southwest China may well have been brought on by the stresses caused by the 511 ft-high Zipingpu dam's reservoir changing the dynamics on an underlying fault. According to the PRC is doing its best to suppress any study of the possibility of this mega-project causing the quake that killed well over eighty-thousand Chinese citizens. The geometry is simple to visualize. You put up a dam in a narrow gorge and back up 350 million tons of water on one side of the already stressed fault. Can this scenario be proven or falsified? We may never know because the PRC denies any possibility of faulty engineering. Anyone living in Eastern Europe in the era of Soviet control knows that engineers and cadres ruled and public interests took the back seat.  A sooty, corrupt, inefficient environmental wasteland was the result. The dam is still there. The fault is still there. 

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