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Saturday, February 21, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

The solid and trustworthy BBC News has reported, with the credulity of a four year old, the fact that a group of jewish fish buyers  from the Skver sect of Hasidic Jews overhear a carp predicting the end of the world. LINK  Zalman Rosen, one of the Hasidim, Shouted, in yiddish we are to presume, something like "It's the devil! Kill it".  The New York times reported the incident, further cementing their place in journalism's high pantheon. 

The chatty carp had a lot more to say about his previous life as a local, and the coming of the messiah. Perhaps there was some discussion about the decline in quality of corned beef and complaints about the constant aching it his dorsal fin that weren't reported, but we got all the good stuff.

I find it admirable that for people to find a use for carp, other than decorative. As an eleven year old I though I was the world's best fisherkid, until my Dad informed me that I had caught carp, and they were inedible. Sigh..... Anyway, I am rethinking my atheist heathen ways now that carp are having conversations with religious fanatics. 

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