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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tale Of Fail

Sometimes you just can't win, and sometimes it just isn't about you or your wishes. The Honduran generalisimos have installed a puppet after dragging President Zelaya to the airport in his pajamas for a short plane ride to exile in Costa Rica.

The Wall Street Journal is pissing their well tailored pants over the threat that Hugo Chavez presents to the newly minted junta and the unwillingness of the Obama administration to support the putsch. But that's what we expect from the Wall Street Journal. Chavez, a victim of a Bushie Neocon coup himself, cannot seem to differentiate between administrations.

Our previous sins and the sins of American flagged corporations have poisoned our relations with large swathes of the planet and it will be generations before it will sort itself out. That is only if we keep our noses out of their tents. Otherwise the animosity will never end.

I propose the Great seal of the United States be altered to show the eagle shooting itself in the foot. Repeatedly.

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