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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Purge At The Washington Times

If you have been paying attention you know The Moony Cult started and has been financing the Washington Times as a wingnut alternative to The Washington Post. The disadvantage the Post has is that they must turn a profit to stay in business, while the Times gets a fat wad of cult cash each year. Over a billion and a half at last counting. The Reverend Moon has some odd and dangerously reactionary ideas in his bald and wrinkled noggin. We can overlook the whole Messiah thing. The world is full of messiahs and one is as good as the next. What should creep you out is his insane desire to rule the world via the Unification Church. He is very open about his plans, having grown up in the shadow of North Korea and their maniacal evangelical nationalist marxism. Ayn Rand suffered a similar childhood, much to the sexual detriment of numerous junior high intellectuals.

I support the Moonie's decision to blow billions on their little read vanity publication. That's 1.5 billion dollars they don't have to promote wingnut think tanks and harass people on street corners. When Moon's heirs drop the Times in an effort to get a handle on their fortune and empire. Gone will be the last actual publication that wingnut sites can quote in their blogs.

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