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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Vilest Most Racist Teabaggers On The Web.

There is a group of Teabaggers who publish The Daily Nigger and firmly weld their movement to the white supremacist loons together at the hip. The rage and hate occasionally surface at their big rallies no matter how much Fox News tries to avoid their exposure. Witness the Obama witch doctor posters or portraying the middle of the road president as Hitler. The publishers of TDN hit all the Teabagger notes right down the line on health care reform to foreign policy to the recovery act. Acorn is prominently displayed as what blacks and liberals are doing behind the scenes. Every scrap of hate in their shriveled little hearts is slashed across the page in the crudest manner imaginable. They don't like gays much either.


HNIC said...

Your sir are liar and fraud.

You sir are sycophant of the leftist scum trying to ruin America with your own race baiting hatred and vile rhetoric.

We at the The Daily Nigger tell the truth while vile perpetrators of lies like you support terrorists, communists, anti-Semites, and other assorted ideological fellow left wing loon bin travelers!

You are a liar because we been telling the TRUTH since March of 2007 long before any "Teabaggers" ever existed.

You also a liar because the site is run by two BLACK men, one of which is GAY!

Anyone who reads you now will know you are a consummate liar and fraud!

Bert Chadick said...

This is the most confusing bit of hate mail I have ever received. Are we to believe that TDN is run by black gays who hate socialists like me? Is this a joke put up by one of my friends or kids?
We may never know, but I published it anyway.