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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Israel's Holocaust Victimhood Account Overdrawn

If you want to target civilians in order to force your enemy into surrender, then you must be prepared to slaughter a large percentage of their population. We did it to Germany and Japan in the Second World War, and were willing to do it to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. We argue it was necessary to defeat evil aggressors, and it is hard to work up any sympathy for Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan. That said, the crude weapons of the day and existential nature of the fight I for one chose to cut our fathers and grandfathers a lot of slack.

Israel, as the national expression of the Jewish people, has faced intractable enemies in the past, and the current gang of militarist racists running the country has traded long enough on the maltreatment of the Jews by the Nazis and their neighbors' constant history of unprovoked assault. While they live in a tough neighborhood, Israel's home grown religious nationalists have run roughshod over the best interests of the small nation, murdered the last prime minister who supported a fair peace and invaded the lands owned by the Palestinian people in order to build towns for the sole purpose of denying their neighbors their lands.

Jewish Americans confuse the current gang of religious fanatic thugs running Israel with their visions of the Jewish paradise that is their safe harbor in a world that too often has wanted to exterminate them. Now Israel, in a racist rage, bombards The Gaza Strip incessantly, justifying their siege of innocent Palestinians as the only way to stop the constant, if ineffectual, rocket bombardment from the territory. Like their neighbors, the Israelis seem hell bent on destroying themselves through isolation and international repulsion. Even we, the Jewish state's most reliable ally, are rapidly becoming disenchanted with our bullying little friend.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rock Stars Need Your Money Now

Not that kind of Rock Star, but the Eocene shales found at The Stonerose Interpretive Center in Republic Washington. Loaded with the oldest known forms of the rose plant and the Fir tree this site represents the birth of the modern ecosystem we see around us. The Rose family evolved to produce the apple and pear families of familiar modern fruit trees.

The center is run by volunteers and one paid paleobotanical manager. Unique among fossil sites Stonerose encourages people to find fossils and allows the finders to keep duplicates of the center's collection. Stonerose works closely with the Burke Museum at the University Of Washington.

As is with all such operations money is always tight. Believe me when I tell you that not one dime is misdirected or misspent in keeping the doors open. It is a true labor of love, but love is not all they need. They need donations, and now isn't too late to start raising the balance of '09's operating budget.

Click on this Stonerose link and please be generous.