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Friday, March 27, 2009

Computers Just Aren't The Same Anymore

I was looking at this MacBook I'm using and remembering how computers used to be portrayed in popular media, and and thinking of the things they just don't do that they were supposed to do long before now. Has anyone ever had a PC that made that dot matrix printer sound as it displayed green lines of text fed from the top of the CRT? They all do that in made for TV movies from the 80's and 90's. No Flashing lights or even whirling tape drives covering walls of an underground lair were ever produced. I mean, you knew your computer was working because the lights were flashing and the tape reels were spinning in a jerky back and forth manner. I miss that. Most of all I miss all the explosions. In the old movies the computer exploding, shooting sparks and hardware across the lab was the apex of the story line. While we are at it, where are all the evil world dominating, crew killing computers? Mine just sit there like a lump and slowly go obsolete. Who ever decided to tear out a Hal 9000 and put in the 12 thousand model. Our computers just crash or freeze. No "That does not compute" tag lines. I want my money back.