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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quake Picture

The picture above is a compilation of two satellite images taken weeks apart of the Iquila Italian earthquake by a European Space Agency spacecraft with sub millimeter resolution (LINK). The displacement of the countryside was in excess of 250 mm so the fingerprint of the quake is very visible and shows the localized nature of quake damage. In the few quakes I've experienced I didn't understand how I could be close to the epicenter and feel very little, but spots miles away would suffer major damages. Obviously this picture shows a "ripples on a pond" complete with a second, less well defined, daughter pattern. I will speculate this secondary ripple is the result of the shock wave bouncing off a deep fault or denser strata. We truly live in an age of wonder when tools designed for one highly technical use can be re-tasked to a previously unimagined application. Man, are we smart apes or what?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Attn: Conservatives! You Got Beat. Live With It.

I lived for eight years under the mismanagement and ineptitude of Bush, dreading each newspaper and evening news broadcast. Now we'll see how you like it. Suffer the agony of having a smart guy represent the country. Groan under the embarrassment of an articulate leader supporting well thought out workable solutions to mountainous problems and feel that emptiness of your beliefs when they are bathed in the light of reason and logic. Long for the cowboy days of shooting first and asking questions later, if ever. Suck it.

Now the righties have backed over their own peckers with their take on Today's rescue of the Captain kidnaped off the Somali coast. On the day of the piracy they blamed Obama's limp wristed foreign policy for the attempted capture of the freighter (Link)). Yesterday they griped that Obama didn't bluster and blow about a war on piracy (Link). And today they blame Obama and the whole Democratic Party of grandstanding over the rescue (Link). Exactly what do these wackaloons want the President to do? The captain is safe, the pirates are dead and Obama OKed the action, but left the job to the experts on the ground, or fantail as is the case. If you prefer your examples in an easier to digest, and harder to deny video format, here's a compilation from KOS (Link)

I have come to the conclusion that the right is drunk on rage, and should be left to go into the wilderness to shrivel and die. RIP Republican Party.