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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can It Be This Simple?

There are dozens of real Democracies in the community of nations, and all but one have a public scheme to provide affordable good quality health care to their citizens. You know who is that one. At any tine in the last sixty years all of these democracies could have withdrawn from their public plan and adopted a market based American style system. Not only have none of the democracies made any move to copy us, there is no viable political party advocating adoption of American healthcare, save our own Republicans.

There is nothing in Finland, England, Japan or Spain stopping the electorate from freeing their insurance companies and drug companies from the heavy heel of government control of medicine, None in Germany, Belgium, Ireland seem to buy into the concept that there is somehow a superior "market" solution to health care. One must ask: Why not? I can only come to one conclusion, and that is that public control of health care is the obvious solution to a universal problem.

This popular durability of public health systems can be shown to the opponents as an undeniable proof of success, or so one should think. I have given up any hope of hearing anything logical from the right.