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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pass The Cheap Wine

I have spent much of the last year trying to avoid turning into a classic cranky old man. History and events conspire to subvert my heartfelt desire at every click on my favorite news compiler's link. Obama spends his days trying to compromise with a clique of Republican righties who have an un-alloyed rage driving them to destroy his administration. Big money is currently bankrolling the most vile and vicious racist teabagger loons. Bankers and insurance companies sip their pricy wine on the people's tab. The people who profited from the last fifteen years of rigged markets have had the taxes on their ill gotten gains cut and cut again in the name of economic stimulus. The most "pro-family" members of the legislating class are constantly exposed for their hypocrisy, while their priests and spiritual confidants wallow in a stew of infidelity and child molestation. War that never should have been and war that was botched and short changed from the beginning. The criminals who brought us to our current state of despair have yacht parties and soft seats on corporate boards while the crook in chief builds a five hundred million dollar monument to incompetence and crime. The capper is that "The Bush Library" is being built in the same neighborhood in Dallas where I grew up. I have enough problems with depression without venting on my little blog on a regular basis.

While it would be amusing to watch the teabaggers try to run the government, I really love my country too much to wish it that horrible fate. Perhaps we have been too rich for too long to appreciate the peril that has come from running our economy according to an inflexible ideology.

Now I just need to learn how to become an alcoholic so the voices will stop.