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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weinergate And Beyond!

As a recovering politician, and having ben privy to the inner workings of the mind of successful elected officials. Firstly I will state, without reservation, the vast majority of politicos are just trying to do the job to which they are elected. That even goes for Republicans.

Politicians are all seducers, at least the ones that win. There is a bit of the sociopath mixed into that drive to seduce, but I mean that in a good way. Seduction works when the target is sold on the seducers' affinity and likability. This concept goes by the less prejudicial term "salesmanship" but the product being sold is love and respect for the seducer. Hence the name. I have been closely involved in campaigns where the candidate, when the day is over and drinks are poured, will just unleash his skills onto young women involved in the campaign. Many forget that they are married and few in the campaign will call the candidate on the carpet, or even tell him how much his actions endanger the whole election. This is where the mild sociopathy comes in. Often the candidate has a history of getting away with their straying or abuse of trust. I've never seen a woman do these things, so I'll just make this all male specific.

There will always be sex scandals in politics, and the real sin against the public interest is the sin of hypocrisy. Nobody gets to claim moral superiority and wave the flag of family values while habitually boinking an aide in the copy room. People of opposite sexes who work closely together under the intense pressure of political campaigns naturally fall in lust, it's resisting that lust is what separates Clinton from Obama. Don't believe for a second that a couple of dewey eyed aides didn't drool after the young, idealistic agent of change. Republican transgressors have a history of being "Mr. Family Values" right up to the point where they are ratted out. This is the class of sinners that preachers and priests fall into.

Expecting every politician to eschew his inborn nature is both unrealistic and counterproductive. Good politicos have gone into retirement because of their inability to quell their drives. This is a damn shame, and it is the electorate's fault.

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