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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nostalgia, The Disease that Is Destroying America

There was a big prayer meeting in Houston today officiated by the Right Reverend Rick (Good Hair) Perry, Texas Governor and soon to be the Republican presidential candidate for president of the USA. I freely admit I didn't attend for several reasons first among which it is now August and being held in Texas. Nobody living in Texas with the means to go to cooler climes stays there in August. I gather from the early reports from Prayapalooza that the Buckaroo Governor evoked the desire to take America back to the good old days of his youth when everyone was brightly scrubbed and lived in tidy, god fearing homes led by two traditional parents. The golden memory of the fifties and early sixties that the propagators of theocratic christianity sounds good, if it were only true. I am about five years older than Rick Perry but I remember that there were white and colored drinking fountains, and I don't mean the color of their porcelain basins. Guiltless children born out of wedlock were shunned shamed by peers and family. People in the USA starved to death, but it didn't matter because of their above average content of melanin in their skins or odd ethnic way of talking. A large minority wasn't safe from the hand of government if they were found in the wrong part of town after dark. Everyone got to pray to Jesus in their public schools, no matter what their religion. To go to a state university you had to sign a loyalty oath and no weak foreign nation, especially those with resources we wanted, was safe from overthrow and imposition of an "anti-communist" strong man.

I'm not saying things are better now, just that things in the golden age of America weren't all that wonderful. Perry is waving the flag of Jesus in the fog of faulty memory to enrage the susceptible. I would be very surprised if the attendees were any more than 1% minority. That is low even for Texas evangelicals but spot on for teapartiers.

9/15/2011 Nostalgia Update: The nightly news broadcast a bit about the passing of the Ez-Bake Oven and its source of baking heat, the incandescent light bulb. The nostalgic among us would rather build a few new nukes or coal burning plants than give up their incandescent bulbs. The righties pining away for their yellow bulbs of yore decry their loss of freedom to burn extra electricity and require the rest of us to build the infrastructure to service their nostalgic desires.

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