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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attention! : Fellow Transitional Lifeforms!

I am in the process of becoming the next version of the hominid form, which will be, with a bit of luck, the next human and so on and so on. No I'm not sprouting wings or anything, but I didn't come with wisdom teeth, a survival adaptation in a pre-oral-surgery world. For some reason I'm still alive what with a history of exposure to some of the nastiest chemicals available back in the dark ages of environmental awareness. I have breathed deadly asbestos and smoked unfiltered cigarettes and was powdered with nuclear fallout back when we tested A bombs in New Mexico and Nevada. Chernobyl? Pfft! Don't give me any Chernobyl. For ten years I entered burning houses as a volunteer in the time before we could buy pricy air-packs. All that burning plastic and foam made a witch's brew of the air inside burning and burned buildings. If I were half my current weight I would still qualify as morbidly obese. Why oh why am I still alive? The very mention of the tea party spikes my blood pressure to dangerous levels. Genetics? Chance? Certainly more worthy folks than I have died far younger.

A lot of my peers and relations have been dying off in the last twelve months. and I've been feeling excessively mortal this last few weeks. I have preformed my biological imperative and reproduced. I have loved and been loved, an ongoing situation. I continue because of raw curiosity. What's next? SETI hits a homer? That would be something. Obama stands up to the tea party? I keep telling myself that this could happen. As things happen I will continue to post here until Google won't have it anymore. I will try to be more regular, dear reader.

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