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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Emerging Aristocracy & Occupy Wall Street

Nobody woke up one morning in 1650 and realized that a small corrupt over-class had suddenly taken over all of Europe. It happened so gradually that this development took generations for warlords to transmogrify into powdered bewigged fops living on the surplus production of the 99.9% of their fellow humans. This was the condition of things. The sea that society swam in. The system was ordained by God Almighty. The economic basis of old European aristocracy was land, but power now flows to wealth of a monetary sort.

The protestors marching in major cities against a vague but enraging economic system that is surely changing them into twenty-first century serfs. Options are rapidly closing on the poor an unemployed. To have a fantastically wealthy aristocracy we must have hundreds of millions of accepting or willing servants. The political class licks the boots of the hyper wealthy and use their crumbs to finance elections. Increasingly wealthy institutes and think tanks are running propaganda houses that fix the news and rig elections. Ask yourself why voter fraud is suddenly a prime topic on the 24 hour news cable. The same states that have a history of voter suppression are the same states that are passing voter ID and tight registration laws. The only thing lacking is any evidence of voter fraud.

We as a nation are slipping into the worst of European cultural habits. In New England there has been a seed of this cancer in existence since the late 19th century. The aristocratic system has spread across the nation as soon as a few families became wealthy. Each ensuing generation built upon their inheritances and worked the system to their benefit. After World War Two this process accelerated as inheritance taxes were reduced and income taxes became flatter. There is even a cult of wealth worship that controls the Republican party.

Next time someone calls the protestors dirty pointless bongo pounding clueless hippies remember that some do have bongos but all are jobless and without hope.

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