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Saturday, December 10, 2011

GOP: The Party Of Dickatude

In my conversations and writing I rarely use profanity for two reasons. Firstly it turns off a lot of people I try to reach, and , most importantly, cussing loses its effect when it is used too regularly. I was born and raised in the gentile arms of the South and of a class that does not go to the four letter expression as a first choice. That said, The Republican Party has opened its maw and swallowed every racist, hate filled, nativist, narrow minded ass-hole hater this nation has within her borders. Is there a jerk or bum fucker paranoid that this party has yet to embrace? Granted most of Code Pink or the Anarchists wouldn't be welcome, but those folk are a statistically insignificant group, mostly existing only on Fox News as examples of "the enemy". Be you a militarist McVeigh fascist or Concerned Women of America misogynist there is a place for you in the Grand Old Party. Want to hang the Gays? Desire death for illegal immigrants? Prison for pot smoking hippies? Draconian drug laws, not because of the damage from their inherent danger, but because you loathe the hipster students and "colored" degenerates you associate with drug usage.

Is rage hate and resentment a political philosophy? Unfortunately it is and it has taken root in 21st century America with a vengeance. I'm not writing this just to call the worst of the right a few dirty names. Without getting too sappy I do love The United States of America. Not the piece of dirt that we live on. Everyone from Azerbaijani to Zimbabwean lives on a piece of dirt or is strongly attached to a place. I don't love the flag. Everyone has a flag. What I do love is the part of the system that is my country that is best expressed in the first ten amendments to our constitution. The idea that is America. The current GOP right wants to destroy and distort the idea that is America. We don't use religion as a blunt political instrument with which to beat our opponents over the head. Our police have no power to search or detain me without a damn good reason, and a judge has the obligation to oversee any interactions with the State's authority and citizen's ability to live in peace. I love America because of the idea that I can't be searched or forced to bow to any belief system that I do not honestly adopt. My country recognizes my right to express myself and organize my fellow citizens to common purpose. For these rights that are the framework upon which we build civilization our obligation is to support the common good as is decided by majority vote overseen by the Constitution. This means taxes folks.

How many amendments is the right currently promoting? Balanced budget. Repeal the 14th. Crush the right of women to control their bodies, Religious control of the government. They love the Constitution so much they just want to destroy it. We must burn this village in order to save it.

I refuse to reflect their hate. Reason and ridicule are my weapons. Time and demographics are on my side.

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Anonymous said...

You are right on target!
Wish your postings could find broader audiences!