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Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's 2011 and SkyNet Hasn't Killed Us Yet

In the Terminator chronology there are several dates when the evil supercomputer, SkyNet, was supposed to have almost wiped out humanity with our own nukes. Today is one of those dates. History, when time travel is the central premises of a story, can be quite indeterminate. The actual date of the termination of our civilization will be sometime between now and mid July. Our SkyNet is the tea party faction of The Republican Party and their weapon is the debt cap vote. The tea party comes from a long line of "We must burn down this village in order to save it" thinkers on the right. Blind rage over a "colored" liberal president, their taxes going to pay idle government employees, those employees enforcing laws on pollution and safety, and a dwindling majority of real Americans living in their country. Irrational doesn't begin to touch the anger that burns in their hearts. The gays, the women, the nigras, the meskins, and dozens of other un-American minorities polluting their beloved country ignite insanity that expresses itself in the birther and militia movements. As a Southerner, I can attest to the resentment of victimhood that can permeate a culture, even after several generations and a hundred and fifty years.

Will the reactionary right be willing to destroy our economy? You Betcha! It's like a train wreck we can see coming for miles away, and due to factors beyond anyone's ability to stop. I hope I'm wrong, but I've spent my life amongst these folk and they are serious. So gas up the car, buy a case of beans and spam and a couple of boxes of shotgun shells. It could be a long hot Summer.