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Friday, June 21, 2013

Apparently blogspot eats all my paragraph formatting. Sorry.
I'm going to try posting from my iPad because it is much more amenable to spontaneity. My laptop pings, sits there for a forty count, spins up the disk, loads the system and checks the optical drive for media. This is a minty second process. Not enough time to go make a cup of coffee but plenty of time for me to lose all track and inspiration that make me write here. It's silly to complain about such technological miracles as my outdated but functional laptop, but this iPad is better for my purposes. Since my last update, President Obama has been reelected by an amazing majority. The Teahadists thought they had that one in the bag due to the fact that they only read their own propaganda. The Teabaggers had a term for the process that they used to re normalize polling data that was the biggest FAIL of the election, if you don't count the great 47% speech. I have discovered a meet up group for Atheists and Agnostics here in my rural county along with their Facebook group. This would never have happened in the pre-Internet era. Heathens pay a price if we self identify. If I had been smart and played all jesus-ey during my final election run I well may have won the day. Who can say for sure? Now, lets see how this ipad thingy does with the Googla Blogspot service.